History of Nakkila Group Concern

The operation of Nakkila Group corporation started in February 1948, when Arvi Kivioja became a private entrepreneur. Before that, he had been working as a blacksmith’s apprentice at Hakala forge shop in the town of Hormisto in Nakkila commune. The company, initially owned by Arvi Kivioja together with his sister’s husband, was called at that time Nakkilan Uusi Paja ja Pyöräkorjaamo (New Nakkila Workshop and Bicycle Repair), which perfectly described its original activities.

Already in the early 50s, the development led to the expansion of business on the maintenance and investment projects in industry, as well as on the construction of heating systems for buildings. When Arvi acquired all the company in his ownership, the word Uusi (New) disappeared from the name first and later also the word Pyöräkorjaamo (Bicycle Repair).

The name Nakkilan Paja (Nakkila Workshop), reflecting the diverse and expanding activities, as well as the legal form of the company in 1970s changed for Nakkilan Konepaja Oy. The business intensively expanded in the 70s also due to the steel constructions, which according to the company caused a sharp increase in exports to the East. The Soviet trade was also important to the company throughout the 80s.

The Present

In the 1990s, the company rapidly developed the current main business trends, the customized machine shop (Nakkila Works) and the business with bio fuel boiler plants (Nakkila Boilers). Actually, the steel construction stopped with the beginning of the new millennium.

The company has changed its activities over the decades. Today the company is an internationally respected and strong player in its business areas.

The company is still a family company, owned by the descendants of its founder. The first change of generations occurred in 1985, when the current CEO Raimo Kivioja became responsible for operation of the company. The third generation is also actively involved in the activities and organization of Nakkila Group Oy and its subsidiaries, while the company has started the countdown for its seventh decade.

Quality and Environmental Policy

 Our goal is to serve our customers with high quality deliveries and to develop our business continuously, so that we could meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

 Our targets are the following:

-        Customer satisfaction,

-        Safe working environment,

-        Reliable and transparent partnership

-        Profitable business,

-        Sustainable development, and

-        Environmental Awareness.

 Customer focus and process management ensure efficient operation, good delivery reliability, productivity and profitability. Quality is ensured and maintained with a documented business operating system. The customer’s and the internal support processes are described in the operating system. Quality benchmarks monitored and measured on a regular basis are defined for each key process.

 We want to minimize our environmental impact recycling the waste produced in our operation and seeking energy efficiency in our production. We have identified the environmental risks from our operation and are prepared to prevent them.

 The management of Nakkila Group Oy is responsible for quality policy implementation.

Quality policy implementation, as well as operation and efficiency of the business operating system are evaluated at management reviews. Health, safety and environmental management are a part of quality management.